Security, Surveillance and Communications

CitMil-ComSec (a subsidiary of Academi) is a domestic 2010 startup consolidation of independant, contract civilian providers of Security, Surveillance and Communications whom are based throughout the United States. We provide a one-stop shop for your needs in Private Communications, VIP Security and Courier Services as well as Aerial and ground based Intelligence and Surveillance Services.

All CitMil service contractors are fully qualified in their respected fields such as;

      • Executive and Corporate Security
      • Tactical Combat and Special Weapons
      • Secure Communications and Intelligence
      • High Value Transportation and Logistics

Most CitMil contactors are former combat veterans of theĀ  United States Military Forces and or specialists who are licensed in their field of expetise. The CitMil mission is YOUR mission which will be researched, planned and executed with outcomes specifically designed for you. Please feel free to request a VIP consultation regarding your protective needs.